Thursday, 8 March 2012

seventhirtyeight images included in Touring Exhibition

An exhibition called 'Working Drawings" is on tour to London namely the University of Westminster this month. The exhibition was curated by Lee Ford and members of the Visual Communication team at Sheffield Hallam and showcases the initial hidden process of visual thinking and problem solving. 
It includes some of my seventhirtyeight work.
Private View - Thursday 22nd of March, 
London Gallery West. 


  1. Hi there. Just discovered your drawings, which I think are quite magnificent. I hope you won’t mind that I’ve borrowed one to illustrate a post on my own blog, which is usually dedicated to my own, iPad sketches of commuters in London and Surrey.

    The post is here:

    Yours are, as one might expect, light years ahead of mine, and a real inspiration. Good luck with the exhibition, and congratulations on a lovely body of work.

  2. Very nice work,,,,I did this for years onthe Washington dc, I do via bicycle (after stopping, of course)