Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Reportager newspaper published

I was recently invited by Gary Embury from UWE's Reportager to submit some work for their newspaper / journal. The work contained within this print version of reportager represents sketchbook pages of 20 artists who are either members of reportager or who have been associated in some way with the online journal. Reportager.org exists in order to support, initiate, and showcase projects involving drawing as reportage, visual journalism, documentary drawing and illustration as visual essay.

The brief for this publication was for artists to submit work, which as far as possible, was created on the spot, without correction, mediation or beautification. Many of the artists make work either for self-initiated projects or for commissioned work. All have one thing in common in that they all use the sketch as the basis for reference, investigation, interrogation and research.

The digital version can be found at newspaper club's website.

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